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Our first Podcasts released

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Three podcasts are now available

Listen to podcast 1) on the formation of a Neighbourhood Group in Wamboin, podcast 2) on valuable information from our local Emergency Management Controller and podcast 3) on storms and floods.

Jenny Warren established a Neighbourhood Group on Weeroona Drive, Wamboin and operated as the Group's Convenor for many years.

Inspector Keith Price is Controller of our local Emergency Management Committee His experience in and with emergency situations provides insights into preparing residents for future emergency events. Did you know that the nearest official evacuation centres where support services would be provided for residents of Bywong and Wamboin are the showgrounds at Braidwood and Queanbeyan?

Chief Inspector Robert Cunneen commander of our local SES provides practical advice on reducing the risks of storm damage - as he says you can't stop a storm but you can be prepared, and avoiding being swept away in flood waters as a pedestrian or in your car.

The podcasts are available at


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